Linear CCT-Adjust

All LED lights have a CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) value that characterizes the colour of the “white” light that is emitted from it. Measured in Kelvin, the higher the CCT value of an LED, the “cooler” and “more blue” a light will look. The lower the CCT value, the “warmer” and “more yellow” the light will look.

Studies done on CCT have shown correlations in the colour temperature of the lighting in an environment and the mental and physical response on the human body. Warmer lighting was shown to make people feel more relaxed and calm, while cooler lighting elicits the opposite response, making people feel more energized and alert. Studies also show that decreasing the amount of blue light exposure at night benefits the general well-being of individuals. Depending on the function of an environment, the lighting of the space can greatly influence the perception and experience of the space.

With aaline’s CCT-Adjust collection, the colour temperature of a space can be controlled by standard dimmers or smart home automation systems to suit any situation. In multipurpose spaces, the ability to adjust the CCT can greatly increase the functionality and enhance the perceived experience and value of a space.

Please inquire for more details on how aaline can help you transform your space with our CCT-Adjust system.