Why Wood?

 Wood is a natural, renewable, biodegradable, and low-carbon building material!


  image sourced from naava.io


We are connected in these uncertain times but we have always been connected by our inherent need to be immersed in nature and surrounded by other living things. Although today's 'natural habitat' is mainly built environments, through Biophilic Design we can satisfy our innate need to affiliate with nature. ⠀

Biophilic design focuses on using sustainable, earth-friendly materials, like our FSC wood and 100% wool felt. This creates a pure, organic feel to our surroundings and a value system of respecting nature while promoting human health through the built environment.⠀

We aim to create products that are beneficial to ours lives and environment. ⠀

Meet our wood: Walnut, White Oak, Cherry, Ash and Maple. About 80% of timber comes from softwood, however we work with only the highest quality hardwood, harvested through selective cutting. Selective cutting or harvesting is the process in which certain trees are selected for harvest while others are left. This is to help control erosion, to provide wildlife habitat, re-vegetation, maintain biodiversity and to protect water quality. Although softwood is cheaper and easier to work with due to it's density, our hardwood means a higher-quality, longer-lasting product.



 We are proud to be made here. We are proud of the materials we work with but also the people we work with. It is important to us to work with others that also love what they do and share similar values. Our wood comes from a local family run mill, operating for over 160 years - a pillar in their community, creating meaningful local jobs. We source the majority of our woodworking tools from @leevalleytools, where they aim to create meaningful employment where employees feel supported to succeed. Meaningful employment matters! 


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